South of the Border - a film by Oliver Stone

REVIEW: UK Guardian Congratulates Stone on US Release

Posted by: admin on 07-26-2010 - 11:43 am

Oliver Stone nails Latin America’s troubled relationship with the USA

Political interference and studio nervousness have undermined so many worthy films on the subject, it’s a wonder that South Of The Border got made, let alone seen in the USA..

The Guardian, Saturday 24 July 2010

by John Patterson

Despite my many differences with Oliver Stone as an artist, I congratulate him on having managed both to present an unhysterical assessment of Latin American leaders and issues in South Of The Border, and also to get it seen in the US. The latter, especially, is achievement indeed.

A rare precedent is Costa-Gavras‘s Missing, which netted Oscars in 1982 with its horrifying story of the US State Department’s involvement in the murder of one of its own citizens during the US-backed Chilean coup of 1973. In retrospect, it looks like the last gasp of those liberal Hollywood instincts that saw producer Bert Schneider thanking the Viet Cong leadership as he accepted his Best Documentary Oscar for Hearts and Minds in 1975.


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